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NEXEN Npriz RH7 tyre logo

Better Comfort

Excellent Handling

Low Noise

The NEXEN RH7 provides a quiet and comfortable ride with a high level of directional driving stability thanks to an advanced centre rib block design. The RH7 has excellent wet performance, handling and safety.

Angle view of NEXEN Npriz RH7 tyre

Excellent Handling

Long Lasting Tread Life

Improved Durability

The NEXEN CT8 is a multi-purpose light truck tyre that has been designed to offer exceptional handling and long tread life.

Angle view of NEXEN Roadian CT8 commercial tyre

Trusted by the Automotive Industry


NEXEN is trusted by the automotive industry and are the original equipment tyres used by quality car manufacturers, including Audi, Porsche, VW, Kia and more.