NEXEN recently unveiled a commemorative 80th Anniversary emblem to observe the Company’s eight decades in the tyre manufacturing sector.

The new commemorative emblem incorporates NEXEN Tyre’s legacy and history, symbolising the importance of the Company’s long-term commitment to its customers. The overall design of the emblem resembles a moving tyre, demonstrating NEXEN’s initiatives of meeting the different mobility needs of its consumers.

Founded in 1942, NEXEN has played a pivotal role in the tyre manufacturing business. Eight decades later, the company is still a cutting-edge brand known for its quality, innovative products and manufacturing competitiveness.

“I’m honoured to introduce this commemorative emblem and kick off our 80th anniversary celebration. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished. The significance of this milestone demonstrates that our customers and workers value our efforts.” says Travis Kang, Global CEO of NEXEN.